Let the groove get in

Posted: 2015-04-07 in random

So there is this little thing I’ve been working on for the last few months.  It involves a ridiculous amount of stupidity, a lot of grit, a pinch of wisdom and a whole lot of devil-may-care.

But before I get to that project I have this other thing that happened.  It involved turning everything I knew upside down, giving it a shake and making a whole new life.  In the space of a few months I ended a long relationship, moved a parent to a care facility, sold the family home in 4 days, moved to my own apartment, battled back from a serious neck injury, lost a few friends, signed up for a marathon, started training and fell in love with an amazing person.  When I do something I tend to go all out.  All of those things might have been difficult to handle by themselves but I gained so much strength from that storm of change that I am sure I’ve been able to channel some of it into my training.  My sparring with depression has been kept in check and I am stronger than ever before.  Despite the negative talk that we all do to ourselves, it is possible to do anything in the face of adversity.  To be clear it’s not like I was tackling a life-threatening illness or something equally as serious.  However, all things are relative and in my own little world all those events colliding at once were serious to me.  A shock to the system but one that I survived and dare I say, thrived on.

So back to that other project.

The training for a marathon thing. The repeated one step in front of another thing.  I’m loving it.  I complain like most runners but I secretly adore the long slow distances.  I am still no fan of hill repeats but they do make you stronger so I embrace them.  This is week 15 of my training plan.  I have been spending less and less time with my clinic group as my goal race is 2 weeks ahead of theirs.  I have been training some alone but more often than not I have been training with my boyfriend.  He graciously accepted the job of coach despite my promise of whining, bitching, cursing, little or no pay and general crankiness. He accompanies me on large parts of my long runs and even maps out routes despite the fact that he is training for his own half marathon. His positive influence and support will help get me to the finish line.  Of that I have no doubt.

The last 2 weeks have seen me accomplish new distances, run in unfamiliar territory and build my strength.  I am continuously surprised that I can run over 30km now and want to run longer.  The positive experiences of the long runs spur me to run smarter and stronger.  Even the occasional “bad” run teaches me lessons and I keep moving.  My next long run is 36km.  It will be my last longest distance until marathon day.  Bring it.

Let the groove get in. That’s what I plan to do for the next little while as my training starts to wind down.  My pace is what it is, I think I have the fueling thing figured out, I plan on having a good time and I’m excited for this next adventure.  After all the life changes lately, this marathon thing is probably the easiest.

Keep moving,


My coach and I.

  1. Chris says:

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    Entirely my pleasure to watch you accomplish and achieve things, no matter what they are.

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